Take an electric bike


If you’ve been cycling all your life, you know how much fun cycling can be. It is not for nothing that many Dutch people cycle to school or work every day, but also cycle for fun in their free time. When it is a sunny, windless day in the summer, there is nothing better than cycling through the fresh air for half an hour. But every Dutch person knows that cycling is not always fun. In the autumn and winter months, the weather in our small country is not always good and then cycling suddenly becomes a lot less fun. Strong winds are especially irritating. It will keep you cycling twice as long and you will probably arrive at your destination all sweaty and tired. A possible solution is to buy an electric bicycle. In this article we discuss the advantages of an electric bicycle.

The future

The electric bicycle has become increasingly popular in recent years. Just like the rise of the electric car, the electric bicycle was developed from the idea of ​​developing more environmentally conscious transport. But, you may wonder, what could be more environmentally conscious than a normal bicycle. This is of course true, but many people who no longer want to cycle often switch to a moped or scooter. And these means of transport are of course a lot less environmentally friendly. The electric bicycle is a fantastic replacement for a scooter or moped and finds a middle ground.

Cycling with assistance

E-bikes can drive the bicycle completely themselves and reach quite high speeds, up to 40 kilometers per hour. But in addition, most electric bicycles also have bicycles with ‘assist’. This means that you still pedal yourself, but the electric motor in the bicycle gives you a boost. This way you will cycle a lot easier and it is ideal for situations such as hills or windy days. This way you arrive at your destination a lot less sweaty and tired. And if the weather is nice, you can cycle normally with the same bike without the battery on.


E-bikes can also be used outside an urban situation and can cover quite long distances. Of course they can’t go on the highway but for medium distances you can leave the car and take the e-bike instead. This will also save you a lot of money when it comes to the cost of a car such as fuel.