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You can arrange tickets for Turkey from the comfort of your home!


Would you like to go on holiday? Then Turkey is really a must. Especially now that, as of March 2, you no longer need a tourist visa. That saves a lot of hassle! You can of course book an (expensive) trip at a travel agency. But you can just as well arrange tickets to Turkey yourself. The accommodation is also no problem. The various accommodations, from hotels to resorts and apartments, can be booked separately. It may seem that you are more expensive, but that is certainly not the case. For less than € 100.00 you have a return ticket to Turkey and you can of course make the accommodation as expensive as you want.

Book your Turkey tickets easily online

Just sit down and have your flight booked in a few minutes. Very simple and not expensive! What you should pay attention to is that you fly to the correct airport in Turkey. There are quite a few there. So do you book your accommodation first? Then inquire well which airport is closest to you. Do you book your Turkey tickets first? Then you will see which accommodations are (reasonably) nearby. Of course you can also book tickets to Turkey and then make a tour through Turkey. By car or by public transport. Everything is possible, it’s just what you want!

Are you flying from Amsterdam or Eindhoven?

You can book Turkey tickets for flights from Amsterdam or Eindhoven. You can also opt for flights from German or Belgian airports. It’s just what is most convenient for you. You can also let your choice depend on the flight times and possible stopovers. All this information can be found clearly and conveniently on the website. So this is really very useful! The prices per ticket are also clearly indicated. So you know exactly where you stand. And that’s so nice!

Visiting family to Turkey?

Previously you probably went with your whole family in the car to make that long (long!) journey. Now you take the plane for little money and you are there in a fraction of the time. You then have more time to enjoy your family and to really relax. You also no longer need to take six weeks off during the summer holidays, you now have a few weeks, including the trip, to have a nice chat with the whole family.

New construction or buying an existing home?


Are you going to buy your first home soon or maybe move? Then you have probably come across the point that two types of owner-occupied houses are offered on the housing market, new construction and existing construction. But which house are you going for? In this blog we have listed the advantages and disadvantages of both new construction and existing construction for you.

The benefits of new construction

A new-build home is often sold before the home is even there, so construction has yet to begin. You are the first owner of a new home. No one else has lived in your house yet. These houses are also very modern and have a favorable energy label. The house is also free in name and you have little maintenance. You decide how everything will look like and what goes in from the very first moment in terms of floor, wallpaper, furniture and so on.

The advantages of existing construction

The supply of existing construction is many times greater than the supply of new construction. Simply because this house already exists. So there is a large and varied offer. In addition, you do not have to wait until the construction is finished because this house already exists, so to speak, you can still move in next month if the current owner can then leave the house. In addition, many existing homes still have character and a certain atmosphere from the past. Today’s houses are no longer built as they used to be. For example, if you like a high ceiling, you will only find it in existing buildings. There is also an option to negotiate the asking price.

The disadvantages of new construction

Of course, there are also some disadvantages to a new-build home. Because the house is already sold before it is built, you can’t move in right away. Sometimes you have to wait up to six months or a year. Very annoying of course if your other home has already been sold. In addition, you have to deal with double charges and a fixed selling price. There are often only a few homes available while the demand is very high, especially in the Randstad. The moment you cannot complete your mortgage completely or there are certain uncertainties due to, for example, the mortgage interest and this process is therefore delayed, it may just be that you misunderstand. You also only have a limited choice because only a few copies are built.

The disadvantages of existing construction

Of course, existing buildings also have a number of disadvantages, such as buyer costs. Another disadvantage can be a less favorable energy label or maintenance costs because the house can get a makeover. In the worst case, some things even have to be rebuilt or demolished. In this way, your costs can be quite a bit higher, especially if you only find out later that something is wrong with the house.

By the way, do you not yet have an answer to the question “how much can I borrow”? Then take a look at for an estimate of your maximum mortgage.

Level up during Christmas


The most wonderful time of the year is upon us again. I don’t always understand why it’s called that, I just think it’s very cold. But then I realize that we can all find this a good time for other reasons, so I always reserve this time of year to spend on myself. The weather is inclement so I prefer to stay inside and turn on the LED lighting. And what better way to get through the Christmas holidays than in a totally different world, full of magic and action. So games. In this blog I tell you how to level up during the holidays, without having to miss the fun. Are you reading along?

The latest games

At Christmas, the gifts always come into play. And this is the time to ask for a cool game. At this time of year there are always a lot of new games coming out for the exact reason that a lot of people are free around Christmas and can be played then. I can’t recommend a game because everyone has a different preference or plays on a different platform, but if you have an idea of ​​what you think is cool, you can find something new on the internet with a few clicks on the button or let your friends or family invent something fun for you. Maybe they’ll come up with a breakthrough in your game life, with something you never thought of yourself.

Transform your set-up into Christmassy

Personally, I always find it very nice and funny to dress up my desk a bit with Christmas decorations. For example, I put a string of light in the background of my desk and there is a mini Christmas tree on the corner. There is also a green and red garland hanging around my gaming chair and the radio plays all the Christmas hits softly in the background. So I’m still in a festive mood, but it’s not too much.

Time for yourself

This way you have time to yourself during the holidays, but you can also combine gaming with family and friends. You could even game together! If you have a console that allows this, you create a relaxed Christmas Eve full of fun for everyone. Your game set up is in any case ready for Christmas so it can’t be that and before you know it you will be entering the new year with a higher level.

Take an electric bike


If you’ve been cycling all your life, you know how much fun cycling can be. It is not for nothing that many Dutch people cycle to school or work every day, but also cycle for fun in their free time. When it is a sunny, windless day in the summer, there is nothing better than cycling through the fresh air for half an hour. But every Dutch person knows that cycling is not always fun. In the autumn and winter months, the weather in our small country is not always good and then cycling suddenly becomes a lot less fun. Strong winds are especially irritating. It will keep you cycling twice as long and you will probably arrive at your destination all sweaty and tired. A possible solution is to buy an electric bicycle. In this article we discuss the advantages of an electric bicycle.

The future

The electric bicycle has become increasingly popular in recent years. Just like the rise of the electric car, the electric bicycle was developed from the idea of ​​developing more environmentally conscious transport. But, you may wonder, what could be more environmentally conscious than a normal bicycle. This is of course true, but many people who no longer want to cycle often switch to a moped or scooter. And these means of transport are of course a lot less environmentally friendly. The electric bicycle is a fantastic replacement for a scooter or moped and finds a middle ground.

Cycling with assistance

E-bikes can drive the bicycle completely themselves and reach quite high speeds, up to 40 kilometers per hour. But in addition, most electric bicycles also have bicycles with ‘assist’. This means that you still pedal yourself, but the electric motor in the bicycle gives you a boost. This way you will cycle a lot easier and it is ideal for situations such as hills or windy days. This way you arrive at your destination a lot less sweaty and tired. And if the weather is nice, you can cycle normally with the same bike without the battery on.


E-bikes can also be used outside an urban situation and can cover quite long distances. Of course they can’t go on the highway but for medium distances you can leave the car and take the e-bike instead. This will also save you a lot of money when it comes to the cost of a car such as fuel.

Ladybugs and their (positive) properties


Last summer I had a lot of problems with aphids on my plants, which actually made them look very sad. When I wanted to get started with chemicals, my girlfriend came up with the idea to use ladybugs. huh? Ladybugs against aphids? Yes, because my plants bloomed beautifully again because of the ladybugs. Everyone knows ladybugs, but what do we actually know about these critters? Apparently I don’t do much myself, so I decided to delve into these critters a bit more. Will you read along with my findings?


Ladybugs are part of the beetles and come in many varieties, from light orange/yellow to almost black. A ladybug that has just pupated has no dots, as do the larvae. The larvae are more reminiscent of a caterpillar, including small hairs on the body. A ladybug has a lifespan of about a year, so as is often thought, the dots say nothing about the age of the animal.


As I said at the beginning of this blog, I used the larvae to get rid of the aphids on my plates, because this is their food. This makes the beetles extremely useful in horticulture, where they are also frequently used.

The most popular in the Netherlands is the seven-spot ladybug, characterized by its red shield and black dots. However, there are 60 species of ladybugs in the Netherlands. The multicolored Asian ladybug is one such species. This has been transferred to various countries to lend a hand in organic horticulture. This animal has now settled in the Netherlands, Belgium and England.


Not every ladybug eats aphids, because there are also species that feed on fungi or plants. The species that feed exclusively on plants, on the other hand, can cause damage to your plants. So don’t just buy ladybug larvae, but be well informed and choose the right species. I bought the larvae myself via redwith black so be sure to take a look there.

Most ladybugs do not damage materials or foodstuffs, but they can be experienced as extremely annoying in large numbers. This is especially common when there have been a lot of aphids the year before. In the autumn, ladybugs often try to invade a house, to be able to hibernate in a warm place. An easy solution to combat this is to purchase a mosquito net.

Ladybugs are therefore seen as a useful organism, so the use of pesticides (chemical pesticides) is not necessary and certainly not desirable.

A party at home


Unfortunately, festivals and other events are not included at the moment. If things go wrong, it can also take a very long time before we can visit our favorite festival or event. Fortunately, we are allowed to do more and more and we can still socialize a bit with each other. At a safe distance, we should bring our favorite festival home. It is therefore nice to throw a nice party at home when the weather is nice. There are a few things you should think about. Do you want to celebrate a party at home and do you need some inspiration for its implementation? I would be happy to tell you more about what you should not forget for a party at home. Curious about my blog? Then read on quickly!


Before throwing a party, don’t forget that we live in the Netherlands. It can be very bad weather for a few weeks in a row and then your party will be a lot less. It is also possible that good weather is predicted, but that the weather suddenly changes completely on the day itself. You have already made all purchases, so canceling the party is no longer an option. Fortunately, you can arrange something yourself to stay dry. It is easy for people in the North Brabant region to rent a party tent. Just type in ‘Party tent rental Eindhoven’ and before you know it you have dozens of options nearby. A party tent is not only useful when it starts to rain, but also when it is very hot, the party tent can create a little bit of shade. If the weather is so bad that a party tent will no longer help, then there is no other option to move the party inside.

Good food and drink

A good party includes good food and drink. In these times we can’t spend our money on events, so we have money left over to tackle a party at home a little more luxuriously. Buy a few nice bottles of wine and instead of meat from the supermarket, buy meat at the butcher. You will see that the people at your party really appreciate this and your party will be talked about for a long time to come. Of course you don’t have to arrange all this on your own, you can also ask family, friends and acquaintances if they bring something themselves. The party is really a joint thing!

3 investments you can make for yourself


Investing in yourself is worth a lot. Whether it is in the field of personal development or in the field of a certain skill. By investing in yourself you not only become more valuable, but you also gain more and more life experience. This ensures that you can always apply this again in different situations. When you invest in yourself, you ultimately hope that it will pay off. In this blog we give you 3 options to invest in yourself. Read on if you are interested in this and if you want to get the most out of yourself.

Investing in skills

Perhaps the most tangible is investing in certain skills. You can do this through training or a course. With a training/course you can easily teach yourself certain skills. Depending on what you are interested in, you can often find different courses online. For example, you can invest in a graphic design course. With this you brush up on your knowledge and you can easily expand and learn various new skills. This ensures that you always have enough skills to use during your work. In addition, you can of course also follow a course related to your hobby. For example, consider painting for beginners online. With this you can learn your painting hobby online.

Investing and investing

Investing in stocks is an indirect investment in yourself. You invest what should ultimately yield a certain return. Ultimately, with this return, you can retire earlier, for example, or you can spend the money on fun things. Investing can be done in different ways. Think, for example, of investing in stocks or investing in bonds. You can then make different types of investments for each component. For example, consider investing in growth stocks or ETFs. When you start investing, it is always important that you invest with money that you do not need. So do not invest with the money you use to live on. In addition, it is smart to invest without emotion. When you’re building a return, you don’t just want to take money off it.

Invest in relaxation

Relaxation is extremely important. Especially when you are busy with all sorts of things. It is therefore important to be able to relax at certain moments. When you do this, you also know that you will eventually have more energy for other things. Then it is important that you take enough time and space to really relax.

PVC Floor VS Laminate


Opinions are always very divided and personal taste plays a big role in this matter: PVC floors VS laminate floors. Of course, every floor has its own advantages and properties. We are going to list all the advantages and features. If you are still in doubt between a PVC floor or laminate, you will be able to make the right choice after this article!

The price

In general, laminate is a bit cheaper than PVC floors, only if you take a high-quality laminate, the prices will not differ that much. In principle, both floors fall in the same price range. This will therefore not weigh so heavily in the decision on which floor you want to go for. In the end, you usually only choose a floor once when buying a new house, so it is sometimes completely irrelevant what the price is. Ultimately, you have to choose what you like best and what suits you best. If you can afford it, choose what you feel comfortable with and don’t look too much at the price.


What for many is a large part in making the right choice, is the maintenance of the floor. Some floors can take very little or need to be cleaned regularly and this is not very efficient if you have a little one in the house for example. The advantage of PVC and laminate floors is that they are both very maintenance-friendly. They are both easy to clean with a vacuum cleaner and a mop. The only difference is that a laminate floor is less resistant to moisture. This is because laminate is sensitive. If too much moisture remains in a laminate floor, it will eventually bubble. This is very visible and that is the last thing you want. This is therefore not an ideal situation for the bathroom. PVC floors can generally be installed in any room.


The conclusion you will draw from this is a personal choice. In principle, PVC floors are a bit more maintenance-friendly and also very easy to install. Even if you are a fan of underfloor heating, PVC floors are a very good choice. If you prefer to go for laminate, that is also understandable, because this floor also has its own advantages. Take a closer look at this and visit various home improvement stores. Here you can view all floors in real life.

My day


My routine starts early in the morning. My alarm goes off and I lay there for another five minutes. Then my second alarm goes off and I get out. I check my phone for messages to see if anything special has happened in the world. Then I go to the bathroom and take a shower. I get dressed and do my makeup and go downstairs. Then I grab a cup of coffee and make breakfast. I scroll around the internet for a while and then I go brush my teeth. I take the car and go to work.

Through the gray corridors

At work I walk through the long boring corridors. Then something strikes me. Everything can be a little nicer at the office. The hallways are dull with ugly bright lights. For example, I went to to look at LED lamps. Here I found nice design lamps that fit well in the hallways. I thought that the corridors could also be given a nice color instead of gray. So I started working on that too.

To work

I started painting the walls with colleagues, this job was done quickly because we had enough colleagues who didn’t mind helping to make things a bit more pleasant. Then I went online with another team to look at those LED lamps. So different opinions emerged. Nobody wanted those warehouse-style lamps in the office, so we quickly deleted them. But there were nice lamps that could hang nicely on the wall. They also fit nicely with the new walls. So we immediately started ordering it. This was all very easy with the automated site. Pay easily with idea, paypal or credit card and you’re done. Then just wait for the delivery. Which, according to the site, will also arrive soon.

Being creative

After these chores I went back home. It was a productive day. I went to clean it was a mess and I still had to do the laundry. After that was all done I went to see what I would make for dinner. I didn’t have much left in my fridge. So that was shopping the next day. Now I just had to be creative with what I had. I had a little more chicken and pasta. I thought I’d make that and make my own red pesto and it should be fine.

The best sds concrete drills


META DESCRIPTION: Choosing the right drill bit for the material you work with? That’s how you do it! Find out everything about sds concrete drills and of course about the hammer drill.

When you want to drill in concrete, you have to keep in mind that you can’t just drill with just any drill. There are special concrete drills that you can use to drill into this sturdy material. So always think carefully when you are going to buy a drill and buy the right one. For example, you can very well purchase sds concrete drills for a large job where you have to drill in concrete. These SDS concrete drills are very strong and can therefore also be used very well for drilling in concrete walls. If you are not entirely sure which drills to buy, it is advisable to ask for advice. This way you can be sure that you always use the right tools.

Good quality sds concrete drills

Of course it is always important that you choose good quality and if you have to drill a lot, it is therefore advisable to take a look at the right sds concrete drills. Drills from a good brand last much longer in practice and it is therefore always a good investment to buy these drills. It is also better to purchase a hammer drill from a leading brand. A sturdy hammer drill can also drill through concrete well. You always know that you can get a job done quickly and of course it is possible to get some advice beforehand about the different options. You will quickly hear what the possibilities are exactly.

Buy a hammer drill right away

Whether you choose a hammer drill or other SDS concrete drills, you always choose the best quality. Thanks to the 4-cutter system, you can be sure that your drill will last for a long time and that you can also easily perform various jobs. This system allows you to drill nice holes that are well round. This makes anchoring much better. You will see that whatever you use the drill for, the anchoring will always be much better than if you use a less good drill. So it is definitely worth choosing a better quality right away.

Make the purchases quickly

Buying the drills is very easy. You can order everything online. As a result, you will have the drills at home in no time, so you can get the job done without worry. You will also quickly earn back a slightly more expensive expenditure of a better drill. The fact is that a good drill lasts much longer and you will therefore enjoy it more.